Applies highlight.js to given HTML

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<script type="module">
  import shahzainbHighlightLoader from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shahzainb/highlight-loader';


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highlight-loader - Applies highlight.js to given module

This loader can apply syntax-highlighting via highlight.js in two ways:

  1. Given HTML (either straight HTML or the output of something like markdown-loader), it will replace the contents of <code> blocks with syntax-highlighted HTML generated by highlight.js. This is the default behavior.

  2. Given a raw file, it will return syntax-highlighted HTML generated by highlight.js. This can be enabled by using the raw parameter.

You probably want to pass the HTML output of this loader through html-loader.



If any value is provided, the loader will interpret its input as a raw string to run through highlight.js.

By default, the language is auto-detected. To specify a language, use the lang parameter.


Specify a language for highlight.js. Only works in combination with the raw parameter.

(To specify a language for non-raw input, apply lang-[something] classes to your <code> blocks.)


Execute the input that highlight-loader receives. Useful in cases when chaining another loader which returns a function. One use case is to combine this with the apply-loader.

By default, exec is false and simply treats its input as a string.


Install with npm:

npm install highlight-loader --save-dev

Make sure highlightjs is included and initialized on your page.


Add @shahzainb/highlight-loader as a webpack loader:

module: {
  rules: [
      test: /\.md$/,
      use: ["@shahzainb/highlight-loader", "markdown-loader"]


// Reading HTML from parsed markdown
var highlightedMarkdown = require("html!highlight!markdown!./README.md");

// Reading a file's raw contents and auto-detecting the language
var highlightedRaw = require("html!highlight?raw=true!./example-script.js");

// Reading a file's raw contents and specifying the language
var highlightedRawCss = require("html!highlight?raw=true&lang=css!./example-stylesheet.css");

// Reading HTML from a template loader
var highlightedRenderedJadeTemplate = require("html!highlight?exec!apply!jade!./index.jade");



highlight-loader is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.