ShatterCMS submodule for rebuilding Dokku apps using dokku-rebuild.

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ShatterCMS Rebuild

ShatterCMS submodule for rebuilding Dokku apps using dokku-rebuild.


This module is meant for use with Dokku. If you don't manage your apps through Dokku this module is not for you.

  • A Dokku app you want to trigger a rebuild on
  • The dokku-rebuild service set up and running


  1. Add @shattercms/rebuild as dependency to your project
# install with npm
npm install @shattercms/rebuild

# or use yarn instead
yarn add @shattercms/rebuild
  1. Add the module to the shatter.js config file
module.exports = {
  modules: ['@shattercms/rebuild'],

  // (defaults)
  rebuild {
    socketPath: '/var/run/dokku-rebuild/dokku-rebuild.sock',
    saveLimit: 10,



If you configured dokku-rebuild to use a different socket path, you can tell the rebuild module to use that same path by using the socketPath option.


If you want to store more than 10 builds you can do so by changing the saveLimit option.


This module does not interface with the database. Current and past builds are only saved in memory. If you restart the API, this data will be lost!


type Rebuild {
  # 'pending' | 'complete' | 'failed'
  status: String!

  # Current stage from dokku-rebuild
  stage?: String

  # ISO time strings
  startedAt: String!
  completedAt?: String

query {
  # Get all builds
  # () => [Rebuild]
  rebuild_getAll {

  # Get current build
  # () => Rebuild | null
  rebuild_get {

mutation {
  # Trigger a new rebuild
  # () => Rebuild
  rebuild_create {


  • Make sure the socketPath is mounted to your app.
  • Check if the dokku-rebuild service is indeed running (systemctl status dokku-rebuild), or check the logs for more info (journalctl -u dokku-rebuild)
  • Try reinstalling the dokku-rebuild service to correct folder and file permissions