File management with Drive for Sheetbase backend app.

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Sheetbase Module: @sheetbase/drive

File management with Drive for Sheetbase backend app.

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Using npm: npm install --save @sheetbase/drive

import * as Drive from "@sheetbase/drive";

As a library: 1mbpy4unOm6RTKzU_awPJnt9mNncpFPXR9f3redN5YavB8PSYUDKe8Fo8

Set the Indentifier to DriveModule and select the lastest version, view code.

declare const DriveModule: { Drive: any };
const Drive = DriveModule.Drive;




Getting started

Install: npm install --save @sheetbase/drive


import { drive } from "@sheetbase/drive";

const Drive = drive({
  uploadFolder: "1Abc..."
  /* configs */

const file = Drive.uploadFile({
  name: "file.txt",
  base64Value: "data:text/plain;base64,Abc=="


Drive module configurations.

export interface Options extends Intergration {
  // the upload folder id
  uploadFolder: string;
  // limits
  allowTypes?: string[]; // mimetype list
  maxSize?: number; // MB = 1,000,000 bytes
  // structured by: <year>/<month>
  nested?: boolean;
  // customize the response url
  urlBuilder?: string[] | { (id: string): string };

export interface Intergration {
  AuthToken?: any;

uploadFolder (required)

  • Type: string
  • Default: REQUIRED

The Upload folder id.


  • Type: string[] or Function
  • Default: ['https://drive.google.com/uc?id=']

Customize the file url.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: undefined

Put upload file in Wordpress-like upload structure <year>/<month>.


  • Type: string[]
  • Default: undefined

Use this if you want to accept certain types of file. Since the file is stored in Google Drive, there is no need to worry about script execution security. But uploader can upload any malicious file, these files may harm downloader devices.


  • Type: number
  • Default: 10

Upload file size limit in MB.


Interface for file management in Drive.

  • setIntegration: Integrate with other services
  • getFileById: Get a file
  • getFileInfoById: Get a file information
  • uploadFile: Upload a file
  • uploadFiles: Upload multiple files
  • updateFile: Update a file
  • removeFile: Delete a file

Drive service detail:

class DriveService {
  setIntegration<K extends keyof Intergration, Value>(
    key: K,
    value: Value
  ): DriveService;
  registerRoutes(options: AddonRoutesOptions): void;
    base64Value: string
  ): {
    mimeType: string;
    size: number;
    base64Body: string;
  isFileAvailable(file: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File): boolean;
  isFileShared(file: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File): boolean;
  isValidFileType(mimeType: string): boolean;
  isValidFileSize(sizeBytes: number): boolean;
  getSharingPreset(preset: SharingPreset): SharingConfig;
  generateFileName(fileName: string, rename?: RenamePolicy): string;
  buildFileUrl(id: string): string;
  getFileInfo(file: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File): FileInfo;
  getFilesInfo(files: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File[]): FileInfo[];
  getUploadFolder(): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.Folder;
    name: string,
    parentFolder?: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.Folder
  ): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.Folder;
    parentFolder?: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.Folder
  ): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.Folder;
    parentFolder: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.Folder,
    fileName: string,
    mimeType: string,
    base64Body: string
  ): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File;
    file: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File,
    sharing?: FileSharing
  ): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File;
    file: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File,
    auth: {
      uid?: string;
      email?: string;
  ): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File;
  hasViewPermission(file: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File): boolean;
  hasEditPermission(file: GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File): boolean;
  getFileById(id: string): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File;
  getFileInfoById(id: string): FileInfo;
    fileData: UploadFile,
    customFolder?: string,
    renamePolicy?: RenamePolicy,
    sharing?: FileSharing
  ): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File;
  uploadFiles(uploadResources: UploadResource[]): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File[];
  updateFile(id: string, data?: FileUpdateData): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File;
  removeFile(id: string): GoogleAppsScript.Drive.File;


To add routes to your app, see options AddonRoutesOptions:

Drive.registerRoutes(options?: AddonRoutesOptions);

Default disabled

Disabled routes by default, to enable set { disabledRoutes: [] } in registerRoutes():

  "put:/storage" // upload files
  "post:/storage" // update a file
  "delete:/storage" // delete a file


GET /storage

Get a file info. Route query:

  • id: The file id

PUT /storage

Upload a file or multiple files. Route body:

  • file: Single file upload data, (UploadFile)
  • folder: Custom folder (for single file)
  • rename: Naming policy (for single file)
  • share: Sharing option (for single file)
  • files: Multiple files upload data, (UploadResource[])

Upload a file.

  file: {
    name: 'file.txt',
    base64Value: '...'

Upload to a custom folder.

  file: {/* ... */},
  folder: 'My folder'

Rename upload file.

  file: {/* ... */},
  rename: 'AUTO', // AUTO | HASH

Custom file sharing.

  file: {/* ... */},
  share: 'PUBLIC' // PRIVATE (default) | PUBLIC | { access: '', permission: '' }

Upload multiple files.

  files: [
      file: {
        name: "file.txt",
        base64Value: "..."
      file: {
        name: "files.txt",
        base64Value: "..."

POST /storage

Update a file information or sharing. Route body:

  • id: The file id
  • data: Update data
// Update data
  name: '...', // change the file name
  description: '...', // change the file description
  content: '...', // change the file content
  sharing: '...', // change the file sharing

DELETE /storage

Trash a file. Route body:

  • id: The file id


@sheetbase/drive is released under the MIT license.