Converts salesforce DescribeSObject results to typescript interfaces

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<script type="module">
  import shingoDescribe2ts from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shingo/describe2ts';



Converts a salesforce DescribeSObjectResult object (typically produced by jsforce) to a salesforce interface

Usage Example

import describe2ts from 'describe2ts'
import { writeFileSync } from 'fs'

// describe files retrieved from somewhere
const describes: DescribeSObjectResult[] = getDescribes()

const nameMatch = ['Contact', 'Account']

// only create interfaces for the objects in the nameMatch array
const resolver = (name: string) =>
  nameMatch.includes(name) ? `import("./${name}").default` : null

// used for determining nillability of child relationships
// this is optional
const sobjectResolver = (name: string) => describes.find(d => d.name === name)

for (const desc of describes) {
  const iface = describe2ts(desc, resolver, sobjectResolver)
  writeFileSync(`${desc.name}.ts`, iface, 'utf8')



Parameter Type Description Required
desc DescribeSObjectResult a DescribeSObjectResult object
resolver string => Option<string> \| string \| null \| undefined a function that resolves the name of a Salesforce Object to a typescript type string
sobjectResolver undefined \| (string => Option<DescribeSObjectResult> \| DescribeSObjectResult \| null \| undefined) an optional function that resolves the name of a Salesforce Object to its DescribeSObjectResult
newtype undefined \| boolean use newtypes instead of typescript primitives
sfTypeResolver undefined \| { readonly [k in FieldType]: (f: Field, newtype?: boolean) => string } a map of functions from salesforce types to typescript types
defaultExport undefined \| boolean add a default export line to the output text