This is a generic runtime for all ShipEngine Connect apps.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import shipengineConnectRuntime from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shipengine/connect-runtime';


Installing, building

Install dependencies either at the repo root or in each package directory, eg /packages/connect-carrier-api

Install dependencies yarn

Build from the package directory yarn build

Order Source App

import { logger, NotImplementedError, start } from '@shipengine/connect-runtime';
import { OrderSourceApp, AuthenticationType, AcknowledgeOrdersRequest, AcknowledgeOrdersResponse, SalesOrdersExportRequest, SalesOrdersExportResponse, ShipmentNotificationRequest, ShipmentNotificationResponse } from '@shipengine/connect-order-source-api';
import { join } from 'path';

const SalesOrdersExport = (request: SalesOrdersExportRequest): Promise<SalesOrdersExportResponse> => {
    logger.info('This is a useless log');
    throw new NotImplementedError();
const ShipmentNotification = (request: ShipmentNotificationRequest): Promise<ShipmentNotificationResponse> => {
    throw new NotImplementedError();
const AcknowledgeOrders = (request: AcknowledgeOrdersRequest): Promise<AcknowledgeOrdersResponse> => {
    throw new NotImplementedError();

start(new OrderSourceApp({
    Metadata: {
        Id: '3bdd999b-ecf5-4915-b505-c8e665ce1f56',
        Name: 'Order Source API App',
        AuthProcess: {
            Identifier: {
                AuthenticationType: AuthenticationType.Basic,
                IsSandbox: false
        OrderSources: [{
            Id: '3440a3bf-cd22-494f-ad02-500b6cdcedb8',
            Name: 'Order Source API App',
            SendEmail: true,
            ScoreFactorForAutoRefresh: 0.1,
            CanRefresh: false,
            CanConfigureTimeZone: false,
            CanConfirmMultipleShipments: false,
            CanConfirmShipments: false,
            CanLeaveFeedback: true,
            HasCustomMappings: false,
            HasCustomStatuses: false,
            HasInventoryLevels: true,
            AccountConnection: {
                Name: 'OrderSource API App Connection Form',
                ConnectionFormSchema: {
                    JsonSchema: {
                        "type": "object",
                        "required": [
                        "properties": {
                            "username": {
                                "type": "string",
                                "title": "User Name:"
                            "password": {
                                "type": "string",
                                "title": "Password:"
                    UiSchema: {
                        "password": {
                            "ui:widget": "password",
                            "ui:help": "Hint: Make it strong!"
    Logo: join(__dirname, '../assets/logo.svg'),
    Icon: join(__dirname, '../assets/icon.svg'),


  • Update Version In package.json
  • Run npm run-script build
  • Run npm publish

This will publish the app to Nexus (our private repository)