Library for connection with wearesho-notifications service

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  import shoJsNotificationsFrontend from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sho-js/notifications-frontend';


Wearesho Notifications Frontend

This library is a front-end adapter for Wearesho Notifications service. You can easily connect to notifications server and listen for updates.


npm i --save @sho-js/notifications-frontend


Setting up environment

Create a Notification Adapter instance

import { NotificationsAdapter } from "@sho-js/notifications-frontend";

const notificationServerUrl = new URL("http://url.to.your.notification.server/");
const notificationsAdapter = new NotificationsAdapter(notificationServerUrl);

You need to create a callback function that returns authorization token for user.

import axios, { AxiosResponse } from "axios";

async function receiveAuthorizationToken() {
    const response: AxiosResponse<{ token: string }> = await axios.get("/receive-authorization-token");
    return response.data.token;

Pass this callback to function authorize()


Note that this function is async, so it returns Promise

The next step is to call connect() for connecting socket and adding event listeners


Notifications list

All notifications can be received by using loadNotifications()

    .then((notifications) => {
        // you have received all notifications for current user


To handle updates you may create an implementation of SubscriberInterface

import { SubscriberInterface, NotificationInterface } from "@sho-js/notifications-frontend";

class Subscriber implements SubscriberInterface {
    public handleNew = (notification: NotificationInterface) => {
        // do anything you want with notification
        // you can show it, add to notifications list etc.

    public handleRead = (notificationId: string) => {
        // you can mark notification with specified id as read

    public handleDelete = (notificationId: string) => {
        // you can delete notification from notifications list

and then you should pass it to subscribe()

notificationsAdapter.subscribe(new Subscriber);

Actions with notifications


To mark notification as read you should call readNotification() and pass notification`s id

const readNotificationId = 'id of read notification';


To delete notification you should use deleteNotification()

const deletedNotificationId = 'id of deleted notification';


If you want to close connection with notification server, you should call logout()

user.logout(); // example action when you need to close connection