Shareable browserslist configuration for Shopify.

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  import shopifyBrowserslistConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shopify/browserslist-config';



License: MIT npm version

Shareable browserslist configuration for Shopify.

Supported Browsers

Browser Version
Chrome & Chrome for Android last 3
Firefox last 3
Opera last 3
Edge last 3
Safari >=10
iOS >=10

You can list all supported browsers by running npx browserslist "last 1 firefoxandroid versions, last 3 chrome versions, last 3 chromeandroid versions, last 3 firefox versions, last 3 opera versions, last 3 edge versions, safari >= 10, ios >= 10"

Shopify employees can learn more by visiting the browser support Vault page


Install the module.

$ yarn add @shopify/browserslist-config



  "browserslist": ["extends @shopify/browserslist-config"]