Opinionated logger for production-scale applications

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Opinionated logger for production-scale applications.


$ yarn add @shopify/logger



A basic logger can be created simply by calling the Logger constructor:

const logger = new Logger();

The Logger constructor also takes an options object. For example:

const logger = new Logger({
  name: 'my-logger',
  formatter: new ConsoleFormatter(),

The options object adheres to the following interface:

interface LoggerOptions {
  formatter?: Formatter;
  name?: string;

The name of a logger will be used as it's root scope. A formatter may use this to provide context when outputting a log entry. For example, the ConsoleFormatter will preface each log with its scope, such as:

[my-logger] ℹ info - some log text

A Formatter is simply an object that implements the Formatter interface:

export interface Formatter {
  format(entry: FormatEntry): any;

In addition to writing your own formatter, See Formatters below for a list of provided formatters.


Given the logger above, we can log information to the console using the built-in info, warn, and error functions. For example:

logger.info('Hello, world!');
logger.warn('Something bad might happen');
logger.error(new Error('Operation not permitted.'));


This package provides the following formatters:

  • ConsoleFormatter


Formats and prints logs via console.log, console.warn, and console.error.


ConsoleFormatter sample error output

ConsoleFormatter sample log output on a dark background

ConsoleFormatter sample log output on a light background