Common values related to dealing with the network

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  import shopifyNetwork from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shopify/network';



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Common values related to dealing with the network.


$ yarn add @shopify/network


Import any of the enums or functions in this package to get a friendly API to common network details. The following values are exposed from this library:

  • Method: enum for HTTP methods
  • StatusCode: enum for HTTP status codes (mapping from name to number)
  • ResponseType: response type enum (2xx, 3xx, etc)
  • Header: enum for common header names
  • CspDirective: enum for names of content security policy directives
  • CspSandboxAllow: enum for values allowed in the CSP sandbox directive
  • SpecialSource: enum for "special" (non-URI) sources usable in many CSP directives
  • nonceSource(): function for generating nonce sources in CSP directives
  • getResponseType: returns the ResponseType for an HTTP status code
  • HashAlgorithm: enum for hash algorithms usable in several CSP directives
  • hashSource(): function for generating hash sources in CSP directives