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This package contains both a hook, useRoutePropagation, and a component <RoutePropagator />, API. Both of these allow you to synchronize a Shopify embedded app's client side routing with the outer iframe host. It assumes the embedded app is either using Shopify's App Bridge Library or @shopify/app-bridge-react

The package is quite small and can be used with any routing solution.


$ yarn add @shopify/app-bridge @shopify/react-shopify-app-route-propagator


Both the hook and component versions of this library take the same two parameters:

import {ClientApplication} from '@shopify/app-bridge';

export type LocationOrHref =
  | string
  | {search: string; hash: string; pathname: string};

export interface Props {
  app: ClientApplication<any>;
  location: LocationOrHref;


This example uses app bridge to create an app instance and the withRouter enhancer from react-router.

import React from 'react';
import {Switch, Route, withRouter} from 'react-router'
import {BrowserRouter} from 'react-router-dom'
import createApp, {getShopOrigin} from '@shopify/app-bridge';
import {useRoutePropagation} from '@shopify/react-shopify-app-route-propagator';

const app = createApp({
  apiKey: 'API key from Shopify Partner Dashboard',
  shopOrigin: getShopOrigin(),

export default withRouter(function Routes(props) {

  return (
      <Route exact path="/">
      { /* other routes */ }

<RoutePropagator />

This example assume the consuming app uses both

// App.tsx
import React from 'react';
import {BrowserRouter} from 'react-router';
import {Provider as AppBridgeProvider} from '@shopify/app-bridge-react';
import {getShopOrigin} from '@shopify/app-bridge';

import RoutePropagator from '../RoutePropagator';

export default function MyApp() {
  return (
          apiKey: 'API key from Shopify Partner Dashboard',
          shopOrigin: getShopOrigin(),
        <RoutePropagator />
        <Routes />
// RoutePropagator.tsx
import React from 'react';
import {withRouter, RouteComponentProps} from 'react-router';

import {RoutePropagator} from '@shopify/react-shopify-app-route-propagator';
import {Context as AppBridgeContext} from '@shopify/app-bridge-react';

export default withRouter(function Routes({
}: RouteComponentProps & Props) {
  const app = React.useContext(AppBridgeContext);

  return !server && app && location ? (
    <RoutePropagator location={location} app={app} />
  ) : null;