The official Elastic APM agent for Node.js

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Elastic APM Node.js Agent

This is the official Node.js agent for Elastic APM.

If you have any feedback or questions, please post them on the Discuss forum.

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npm install elastic-apm-node --save

Quick start

  1. To run Elastic APM for your own applications, make sure you have the prerequisites in place first. This agent is compatible with APM Server v6.5 and above. For support for previous releases of the APM Server, use version 1.x of the agent. For details see Getting Started with Elastic APM

  2. Now follow the documentation links below relevant to your framework or stack to get set up



Contributions are welcome, but we recommend that you take a moment and read our contribution guide first.

To see what data is being sent to the APM Server, use the environment variable ELASTIC_APM_PAYLOAD_LOG_FILE (or the config option payloadLogFile) to specify a log file, e.g:


Please see TESTING.md for instructions on how to run the test suite.



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