A suite of scalable icons for web, desktop and mobile projects

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siimple icons is a suite of scalable icons for web, desktop and mobile projects.

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Use npm to install the latest version of siimple icons:

npm install @siimple/icons --save


If you take a look at the dist folder, you can see the following entries:

├── fonts
│   ├── siimple-icons.font.svg
│   ├── siimple-icons.font.ttf
│   ├── siimple-icons.font.woff
│   └── siimple-icons.font.woff2
├── siimple-icons.css
├── siimple-icons.css.map
├── siimple-icons.min.css
└── siimple-icons.svg
  • A file called siimple-icons.css. It contains all styles that you will need when using siimple icons.
  • A folder called fonts. It contains all of the typeface files used by siimple-icons.css.
  • A file called siimple-icons.svg. Is a SVG sprite with all the icons.

Using the CSS styles

You should copy siimple-icons.css and the fonts folder into the assets folder of your project. Now, add a reference to siimple-icons.css in the <head> tag of each HTML file where you are going to use siimple-icons:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./assets/siimple-icons.css">

Remember that you should change the path ./assets/siimple-icons.css used in the previous example with the correct path where you have copied the siimple-icons.css file and the fonts folder in your project.

To use the icons in the <body> tag of your HTML file, first create a <span> tag with the following classes:

  • si: is the base class for siimple icons.
  • si-[ICON], where [ICON] is the name of the icon that you are going to add.
<!-- Add a left arrow icon -->
<span class="si si-arrow-left"></span>

<!-- Add a star icon -->
<span class="si si-star"></span>

You can style your icons adding a style attribute or adding an additional class with your custom styles:

<!-- Style your icon -->
    .yellow-star {
        color: #ffea66;
        font-size: 20px;

<span class="si si-star yellow-star"></span>

Using the SVG sprite

You should copy siimple-icons.svg into the assets folder of your project. Now, in your HTMl document where you are going to use an icon, create a <svg> element and add the following information to it:

  • Add a viewbox="0 0 48 48" attribute.
  • Optionally add a class attrbitue with the class (or classes) used to style your icon. See the example below.
  • Add a <use> tag as a children with a reference to the sprites file and the icon that you are going to use.

For example, if your siimple-icons.svg file is placed on the assets folder, you can use the settings icon adding the following HTML code:

<svg viewbox="0 0 48 48">
    <use xlink:href="./assets/siimple-icons.svg#settings"></use>

You can also style your icon adding a class to the parent <svg> tag with your custom styles:

<!-- Your custom icon style -->
    .red-arrow {
        width: 100px;
        height: 100px;
        fill: #f44242

<svg viewbox="0 0 48 48" class="red-arrow">
    <use xlink:href="./assets/siimple-icons.svg#arrow-left"></use>


All the icons in siimple icons are under the MIT license. © The siimple team.