cursed to try to maintain passing tests for all eternity

Usage no npm install needed!

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is an alarmingly decent testing framework in less than 500 LOC. Code, test, fail, repeat. Like rolling a boulder up a hill.

Test suites...

  • Are arrays of assertions
  • Can be written in your modules
  • Don't have a crazy DSL
  • Run in browsers
  • Output wherever you want, and look pretty (devtools, for starters)
  • Support high-level browser automation (for integration testing)


  • Are written with eq and refeq
  • That's it
  • Seriously
  • What did you want

Also, on a philosophical note...

  • Don't write tests for your types (write types for your types)
  • Don't write tests for your tests (write tests for your code)
  • Never write a test instead of an assertion (make guarantees!)