A collection of plattform independend helpers

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This package is a collection of platform independent helpers that have to work in the browser and on Node.js.

Dependency graph

Dependency graph of the sketchmine helpers

List of helpers

Building the package

For building the package Rollup.js is used as a module bundler. The configuration can be found in the rollup.config.js and is orchestrated by the yarn package manager. The package bundle is in the commonjs format and meant to be consumed only be node.js applications.

The build can be started with the following two commands:

  • yarn build for building the package.
  • yarn dev for building and watching the sources of the package. (rebuilds after safe)


The source code of this package is going to be linted by our CI environment. To ensure a coding standard and quality use the configured linter tslint. This package extends from the tslint-config-airbnb and the linting configuration extends from the root tslint.json.

Run yarn lint to execute the linter.

Testing the package

To ensure that the helpers are working, write tests and put them in a proper named file.

Note: All tests according to this package should be wrapped in a describe with the prefix: [helpers] › ... like the following:

// import statements

describe('[helpers] › ${description of the functionality that should be tested}', () => {
  // your tests should be placed here

For tests the Jest Framework was selected. See jestjs.io for details.

Run yarn test to run all tests specified for the helpers. Run yarn test -f filename.test to run only tests that matches the provided RegExp for the filename.