Extends `glob` with support for multiple patterns and exposes a Promise API

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User-friendly glob matching

Based on glob, but adds a bunch of useful features and a nicer API.


  • Promise API
  • Multiple patterns
  • Negated patterns: ['foo*', '!foobar']
  • Expands directories: dirdir/**/*
  • Supports .gitignore


$ npm install globby


├── unicorn
├── cake
└── rainbow
const globby = require('globby');

(async () => {
    const paths = await globby(['*', '!cake']);

    //=> ['unicorn', 'rainbow']


globby(patterns, [options])

Returns a Promise<Array> of matching paths.


Type: string Array

See supported minimatch patterns.


Type: Object

See the node-glob options in addition to the ones below.

One difference is that nodir is true by default here.


Type: boolean Array Object
Default: true

If set to true, globby will automatically glob directories for you. If you define an Array it will only glob files that matches the patterns inside the Array. You can also define an Object with files and extensions like below:

(async () => {
    const paths = await globby('images', {
        expandDirectories: {
            files: ['cat', 'unicorn', '*.jpg'],
            extensions: ['png']

    //=> ['cat.png', 'unicorn.png', 'cow.jpg', 'rainbow.jpg']

Note that if you set this option to false, you won't get back matched directories unless you set nodir: false.


Type: boolean
Default: false

Respect ignore patterns in .gitignore files that apply to the globbed files.


Type: string
Default: .gitignore

The file name to look for .gitignore file when applying ignore patterns to the globbed files.

globby.sync(patterns, [options])

Returns an Array of matching paths.

globby.generateGlobTasks(patterns, [options])

Returns an Array<Object> in the format {pattern: string, opts: Object}, which can be passed as arguments to node-glob. This is useful for other globbing-related packages.

Note that you should avoid running the same tasks multiple times as they contain a file system cache. Instead, run this method each time to ensure file system changes are taken into consideration.

globby.hasMagic(patterns, [options])

Returns a boolean of whether there are any special glob characters in the patterns.

Note that the options affect the results. If noext: true is set, then +(a|b) will not be considered a magic pattern. If the pattern has a brace expansion, like a/{b/c,x/y}, then that is considered magical, unless nobrace: true is set.


Returns a Promise<(path: string) => boolean> indicating wether a given path is ignored via a .gitignore file.

Takes cwd?: string and ignore?: string[] as options. .gitignore files matched by the ignore config are not used for the resulting filter function.

const {gitignore} = require('globby');

(async () => {
    const isIgnored = await gitignore();


Returns a (path: string) => boolean indicating wether a given path is ignored via a .gitignore file.

Takes the same options as globby.gitignore.

Globbing patterns

Just a quick overview.

  • * matches any number of characters, but not /
  • ? matches a single character, but not /
  • ** matches any number of characters, including /, as long as it's the only thing in a path part
  • {} allows for a comma-separated list of "or" expressions
  • ! at the beginning of a pattern will negate the match

Various patterns and expected matches.


  • multimatch - Match against a list instead of the filesystem
  • matcher - Simple wildcard matching
  • del - Delete files and directories
  • make-dir - Make a directory and its parents if needed


MIT © Sindre Sorhus