Superficial GStreamer binding

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Superficial GStreamer binding


This is a superficial binding of GStreamer to Node.js. It does not attempt at being a complete binding, and will hopefully one day be replaced by (or implemented with) node-gir.


const gstreamer = require('gstreamer-superficial');
const pipeline = new gstreamer.Pipeline(`videotestsrc ! textoverlay name=text
    ! autovideosink`);

Then, you can find an element within the pipeline, and set its properties:

const target = pipeline.findChild('text');

target.text = 'Hello';
Object.assign(target.text, {
    text: 'Hello', 
    'font-desc': 'Helvetica 32',

(see also examples/basic-pipeline.js)

Pipeline also knows .stop(), .pause() and .pollBus(), the elements returned by .findChild() getting and setting all properties the real GObjects do, appsinks also support .pull() (see below).

Polling the GStreamer Pipeline Bus

You can asynchronously handle bus messages using Pipeline.pollBus(callback):

pipeline.pollBus(msg => {

(see also examples/bus.js)

Handling binary data

You can feast off GStreamer's appsink to handle binary data. .pull starts a background work queue and calls your callback whenever a buffer is (or caps are) available:

const appsink = pipeline.findChild('sink');

function onData(buf) {
    console.log('BUFFER size', buf.length);

appsink.pull(onData, caps => {
    /* caps currently not implemented */
    console.log('CAPS', caps);

(see examples/appsink.js)

A simple Ogg/Theora streaming server

is broken, but was once working as implemented in examples/streaming/
run server.js (requires express) and point your browser to http://localhost:8001. (Tested only with Chromium). This handles retaining the streamheader to feed first to every newly connected client.


gstreamer-superficial was written by Daniel Turing (mail AT danielturing.com) and currently licensed under the GPLv3. Pester me if you prefer a different License..