WeMo controller software using WebSockets and Redux-Observable.

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  import smartHomeServicesWemoController from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@smart-home-services/wemo-controller';


WeMo SSDP LAN Controller

What is this library?

WebSockets-based WeMo Controller software.

Allows toggling WeMo devices using the SSDP LAN API. This allows the use of Flic buttons to control WeMo devices without the need for a phone. Just pair them with a device running the Flic SDK and have it fire requests at this HTTP server.

For an example use case, look at ./app.js.



npm i @smart-home-services/wemo-controller


yarn @smart-home-services/wemo-controller

Custom Configuration

WebSocket Server

To configure the Webpack listener, you have 3 options available to modify in your ./localConfig.js:

module.exports = {
  // ... other config options ...
  hostname: 'raspberry-pi.local',
  port: 36002,

API Overview

Under Construction

API Docs

Under Construction