A modern, i18n-friendly hotkey library for the Web

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  import sofieAutomationSorensen from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sofie-automation/sorensen';



Sørensen is a modern, i18n-friendly hotkey library for the Web. By modern, we mean that it uses the KeyboardEvent.code property for matching keys. That means that physical keys, as opposed to the character produced by the key, is used for defining key bindings. Other KeyboardEvent properties tend to be very flaky, because they can change depending on the Keyboard Mapping used. By i18n-friendly, we mean that it provides utility methods that use the Keyboard Map API to convert between key code values and strings to be presented to the user, such as converting a KeyQ value to A on a French keyboard, and then converting Z to KeyW.


Just install the library using your package manager of choice. Sørensen has no external dependenices, but it assumes a reasonably modern browser, as it uses ES7 features.

npm i --save @sofie-automation/sorensen


yarn add @sofie-automation/sorensen


import sorensen from '@sofie-automation/sorensen'
await sorensen.init()
sorensen.bind('Tab+KeyT', (e) => {
    // Sorensen extends the KeyboardEvent object with `comboChordCodes` and `comboCodes`
}, {
    ordered: true,
    exclusive: true

For a comprehensive list of possible KeyboardEvent code values and their corresponding keys see KeyboardEvent: code values on MDN.

Additionally, Sørensen allows special, "virtual" codes, for conveniance when using modifiers and the Enter key. These are:

Virtual Code Matching real Codes
Shift ShiftLeft, ShiftRight
Control ControlLeft, ControlRight
Ctrl ControlLeft, ControlRight
Alt AltLeft, AltRight
Meta MetaLeft, MetaRight
AnyEnter Enter, NumpadEnter
Option AltLeft, AltRight
Command OSLeft, OSRight
Windows OSLeft, OSRight
Accel on a Mac-like sytstem: OSLeft, OSRight, others: ControlLeft, ControlRight