Solid defaults for eslinting.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import solidEslintConfigBase from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@solid/eslint-config-base';


Solid ESLint base configuration


Solid defaults for eslinting.


  1. Install package and its peer-dependencies
    npm install --save-dev @solid/eslint-config-base
    npx install-peerdeps -D @solid/eslint-config-base
  2. Extend @solid/eslint-config-base from .eslintrc.js
    printf 'module.exports = {\n  extends: [ "@solid/eslint-config-base" ]\n};\n' > .eslintrc.js

Linting TypeScript


TypeScript configuration files need to match the ./**/tsconfig.*json glob pattern adopted by Solid's ESLint base configuration.

All TypeScript files must be included in a tsconfig.

A common error

A common error is missing a tsconfig for tests.

Parsing error: "parserOptions.project" has been set for @typescript-eslint/parser.
The file does not match your project config: <TEST_FILE>
The file must be included in at least one of the projects provided.

To fix it, extend tsconfig.json from a tsconfig.test.json that includes the test folder.

printf '{\n  "extends": "./tsconfig.json",\n  "include": [ "test" ]\n}\n' > tsconfig.test.json