Design tokens used by @spartanbio/schedio

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<script type="module">
  import spartanbioSchedioTokens from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@spartanbio/schedio-tokens';


Schédio design tokens

Built with Theo for @spartanbio/schedio.

A full list of tokens is available at https://spartanbio.github.io/schedio-tokens/.


yarn add @spartanbio/schedio-tokens

This package DOES NOT load brand fonts. To load them from Google Fonts, add the following line to your CSS:

/* Customize accordingly to fit your needs. Inter Italic is not on google fonts and most be loaded separately. */
@import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Inter:wght@300;400;600;700&family=JetBrains+Mono:wght@300&display=swap');


Tokens are available for the following platforms:

JS and Typescript

Standard usage:

// Fully typed for use in TS
import SchedioTokens from '@spartanbio/schedio-tokens';

const Tokens = new SchedioTokens();
const blue = Tokens.color('blue');

React Native

Simply import nativeTokens and pass it to SchedioTokens.

// JS tokens
import SchedioTokens, { nativeTokens } from '@spartanbio/schedio-tokens';

const Tokens = new SchedioTokens(nativeTokens);
const blue = Tokens.color('blue');
// TS interface if needed
import { SchedioTokensNative } from '@spartanbio/schedio-tokens';


All variables and keys are kebab-case. Paths below rely on alias resolution and assume ~ has been aliased to node_modules.

// All variables, tokens, and utility functions
@use '~@spartanbio/schedio-tokens/scss/schedio-tokens';

// All tokens as variables and maps
@use '~@spartanbio/schedio/dist/scss/all-tokens';

// Unprefixed maps of specific token categories
@use '~@spartanbio/schedio/dist/scss/<token-category>.map';

// All tokens as custom properties (works for CSS too)
@use '~@spartanbio/schedio/dist/css/<token-category>.custom-properties';

@import has been deprecated by SASS. Avoid using it in favour of @use.

Adobe Creative Cloud Applications

CC applications that support swatch files can import dist/adobe/color.ase to use color. Note they are imported without groups.