turf distance module

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  import spatialDistance from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@spatial/distance';




Calculates the distance between two points in degrees, radians, miles, or kilometers. This uses the Haversine formula to account for global curvature.


  • from Coord origin point
  • to Coord destination point
  • options Object Optional parameters (optional, default {})
    • options.units string can be degrees, radians, miles, or kilometers (optional, default 'kilometers')


var from = turf.point([-75.343, 39.984]);
var to = turf.point([-75.534, 39.123]);
var options = {units: 'miles'};

var distance = turf.distance(from, to, options);

var addToMap = [from, to];
from.properties.distance = distance;
to.properties.distance = distance;

Returns number distance between the two points

This module is part of the Turfjs project, an open source module collection dedicated to geographic algorithms. It is maintained in the Turfjs/turf repository, where you can create PRs and issues.


Install this module individually:

$ npm install @spatial/distance

Or install the Turf module that includes it as a function:

$ npm install @turf/turf