The Spectrum CSS vars package

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<script type="module">
  import spectrumCssVars from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@spectrum-css/vars';



The vars component contains all the variables that drive the presentation of a component.

CSS Usage

The files within the css/ folder are unprocessed Spectrum DNA output. These contain ALL variables with raw data for each. These should be used if variables are required at build time.

The files within the dist/css/ folder contain processed DNA output, with references to only the DNA variables that change between color stops and scales. These should be if CSS custom properties are being used in-browser.

Updating DNA tokens / variables from Spectrum DNA

Update the DNA version in package.json

"@spectrum/spectrum-dna": "^x.y.z",

In root directory:

yarn install 
yarn add -W -O @spectrum/spectrum-dna

Run the DNA update script:

cd components/vars
npm run update

Commit the new files with git add .; git commit -m "feat: update DNA to x.y.z" with x.y.z being the DNA version number matching the update in package.json.

Potential error resolving solutions

Clean Lerna, remove node_modules and reinstall Yarn dependencies.

npx lerna clean
rm -rf node_modules/
rm .yarnrc
yarn install