Speedcubing Online's server.

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  import speedcubingCola from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@speedcubing/cola';


SCO Cola

Speedcubing Online's server software, including the authentication system and API.

API Error Codes


  1. No error occurred and the requested information is available.
  2. An internal server error occurred and the request was denied. If you recieve this error code, chances are, it's a bug. Please report the error as soon as possible.


  1. Account doesn't exist.
  2. Email already in use.
  3. Password isn't strong enough.
  4. Username already taken.
  5. Unable to reset password, the token is outdated.
  6. Incorrect password.
  7. Already logged in.
  8. Not logged in.


  1. The API key or token you provided does not match our records.
  2. Invalid request, the required information was not provided. For example, if you're trying to log in and do not provide a password value, this error will be thrown.
  3. You do not have access to the requested information.
  4. Requested information does not exist, for example, if you try to look up a user that has the uuid 123, this error will most likely be thrown.