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  import sphereonSsiSdkVcHandlerLdLocal from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sphereon/ssi-sdk-vc-handler-ld-local';


JSON-LD VC Handler Local (Typescript + React-Native)

Warning: This package still is in every early development. Breaking changes without notice will happen at this point!


A Veramo plugin to issue and verify JSON-LD based credentials and presentations using a react-native capable port of Digital Bazaars VC library.


yarn add @sphereon/ssi-sdk-vc-handler-ld-local


yarn build


To run the tests a VC_HTTP_API_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable needs to be present with an authorization token.

The test command runs:

  • prettier
  • jest
  • coverage

You can also run only a single section of these tests, using for example yarn test:unit.

yarn test

Utility scripts

There are other utility scripts that help with development.

  • yarn fix - runs eslint --fix as well as prettier to fix code style.