Veramo SSI QR Code provider

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  import sphereonSsiSdkWaciPex from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sphereon/ssi-sdk-waci-pex';


waci-pex (Typescript)

Warning: This package still is in every early development. Breaking changes without notice will happen at this point!


A Veramo plugin to create SSI QR code and to Verify using SIOPv2 or OIDC4. This plugin component is only supporting react and react-native frameworks.

It will be possible in future to request the issuer to issue credentials.


yarn add @sphereon/waci-pex


yarn build


The usage scenario will include the plugin code to be integrated in the client code. A party will be requesting the recipient to either:

  1. authenticate itself to the requester
  2. inviting the issuer to issue a credential

The data fields required to generate the QR code will depend on the type of request and the acceptable values. The possible accept value may be:

  1. oidc4vp
  2. siop+oidc4vp
  3. siopv2
  4. didcomm/v2 ( in future )

The data fields will need to be passed in SsiQrCodeProps.authenticationRequestOpts.state : string.