SSENSE's base TSLint configuration

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  import ssenseTslintConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ssense/tslint-config';



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The tslint config we use at SSENSE for all TypeScript projects. It's a combination of base rules provided by tslint as well as rules from tslint-microsoft-contrib.


  1. Install the package
    • npm install --save-dev tslint @ssense/tslint-config
  2. Create a file named tslint.json in your project root
    • touch tslint.json
  3. Add the contents referenced in the section below to tslint.json
  4. Run tslint
    • ./node_modules/.bin/tslint


    "extends": "@ssense/tslint-config"

corresponding SSENSE TSLint, TSLint and tslint-microsoft-contrib version

SSENSE VERSION TSLint version tslint-microsoft-contrib version Typescript version
>= 5.x >= 5.x 5.x >= 2.3.x
>= 4.x >= 4.x 4.x
>= 2.x >= 3.2.x 2.x