My personal config files for Javascript projects.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import stayradiatedJsconfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@stayradiated/jsconfig';



How do I use this?

You don't. These are my personal config files and can change at any time.

If you like the idea, fork the repo -- this way you can customise the config to suit your tastes and aren't going to be surprised if I suddenly decide to bring back semicolons.

How do you use this?

This is the typically the first dependency I install after creating a new JS project.

# optional, but recommended
npm install --save-dev @stayradiated/jsconfig

npx @stayradiated/jsconfig

This will modify the nearest package.json and add the following scripts:

  • tidy: lint your code with xo --fix
  • test: test your code with ava
  • build: build your code with tsc
  • publish: publish your code with np


This package relies on read-pkg-up and write-pkg to do the heavy lifting. These dependencies are used to modify the nearest package.json file:

  • several dependencies are injected into the .devDependencies, so that you can run xo, ava, np locally within your project. The versions of these dependencies are set by jsconfig and may not be the latest available versions.
  • several scripts are injected into the .scripts, so that you can run tidy, test, build and publish.
  • several config definitions are overwritten, including .xo, .ava and .prettier. It overwrites instead of extending so that old properties can be removed in the future.

Typescript doesn't support reading configuration from package.json so instead we have to write to tsconfig.json. This file is also overwritten each time, so any local modifications will be removed.