Degenerate distribution cumulative distribution function (CDF).

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Cumulative Distribution Function

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Degenerate distribution cumulative distribution function.

The cumulative distribution function for a degenerate random variable is

Cumulative distribution function for a degenerate distribution.

where µ is the constant value of the distribution.


npm install @stdlib/stats-base-dists-degenerate-cdf


var cdf = require( '@stdlib/stats-base-dists-degenerate-cdf' );

cdf( x, mu )

Evaluates the CDF of a degenerate distribution centered at mu.

var y = cdf( 2.0, 8.0 );
// returns 0.0

y = cdf( 8.0, 8.0 );
// returns 1.0

y = cdf( 10.0, 8.0 );
// returns 1.0

cdf.factory( mu )

Returns a function for evaluating the cumulative distribution function of a degenerate distribution centered at mu.

var mycdf = cdf.factory( 10.0 );

var y = mycdf( 10.0 );
// returns 1.0

y = mycdf( 8.0 );
// returns 0.0


var randu = require( '@stdlib/random-base-randu' );
var round = require( '@stdlib/math-base-special-round' );
var cdf = require( '@stdlib/stats-base-dists-degenerate-cdf' );

var mu;
var x;
var y;
var i;

for ( i = 0; i < 100; i++ ) {
    x = round( randu()*10.0 );
    mu = round( randu()*10.0 );
    y = cdf( x, mu );
    console.log( 'x: %d, µ: %d, F(x;µ): %d', x, mu, y );


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