Pagination tools for Node.js

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  import studiohyperdrivePagination from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@studiohyperdrive/pagination';




This repo contains a set of tools for pagination.

It is build with:

  • node: v14.x.x ( ~ lts/fermium)
  • npm: 6.14.11

For a complete list of packages and their version check out the package.json file.



You can install this package by doing:

$ npm install @studiohyperdrive/pagination

or if you use Yarn:

$ yarn add @studiohyperdrive/pagination

In your code

In your code, you can use this package and it's interfaces like this:

import { Pagination, IPagination } from '@studiohyperdrive/pagination';

class ItemController {
  public async findAll(page: number, size: number, query: Record<string, unknown>): Promise<IPagination<IItem>> {
    const [items, total]: [IItem[], number] = await this.itemRepository.findAndCount(page, size);

    return Pagination<IItem>({

This will transform your items and total to a formatted pagination response which you can return to the client. Adding a path and query is optional. If specified, links to the current, first, last, next and previous page are added to the response.

What's in the package?

This package exposes the following functions:

  • calculateTotalPages: Calculate the total amount of pages based on the total amount of elements and the page size
  • formatQuerystring: Format the querystring based on the page, the size and the current request querystring
  • formatLink: Format a link based on the path, the page, the size and the current request querystring
  • Pagination: This function is the main one which will use the above and your input to transform your input to a pagination object

And the following interfaces:

  • IPagination: An interface for the formatted pagination object

Setup for contribution

Clone and install dependencies

To setup this project, clone the repo and run yarn to install the dependencies.


The available commands for building the project are:

command runs
build This script runs rollup to compile your code (target to the dist folder)

The available commands for testing the project are:

command runs
lint This script will run linting
lint:fix This script will run linting and fix what it can
test This script will run your Jest tests for the library and create a coverage report
test:watch This script will run your Jest tests but with the --watch flag. It does not create a coverage report


This project can be published to the npm registry. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Run npm version <major | minor | patch> to create a new version and commit + tag it.
  2. Open a Merge Request on Github.
  3. Once your changes have been commited to the main-branch, you can publish to the repo.
  4. Run npm publish.


This project has been created by:

  • Niels Bril: niels.bril@studiohyperdrive.be

It is currently maintained by:

  • Niels Bril: niels.bril@studiohyperdrive.be