A markdown parser for Slack messages

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  import summoncoSlackMarkdown from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@summonco/slack-markdown';



Slack-markdown aims to be a markdown parser for slack messages.


npm install --save slack-markdown


const { toHTML } = require("slack-markdown");
console.log(toHTML("This *is* a _test_"));
// outputs: This <strong>is</strong> a <em>test</em>


const { toHTML } = require("slack-markdown");
toHTML("This *is* a _test_", options);

options is an object with the following properties (all are optional):

  • escapeHTML: boolean (default: true), if HTML should be escaped or not
  • slackOnly: boolean (default: false), if only slack-specific markdown should be parsed
  • slackCallbacks: Object of the custom slack callbacks
    • user: (id: ID, name: Name) User mentions "<@ID|name>"
    • channel: (id: ID, name: Name) Channel mentions "<#ID|name>"
    • usergroup: (id: ID, name: Name) User group mentions "<!subteam^ID|name>"
    • atHere: (name: Name) At here mentions "<!here|name>"
    • atChannel: (name: Name) At channel mentions "<!channel|name>"
    • atEveryone: (name: Name) At everyone mentions "<!everyone|name>"
    • date: (timestamp: Timestamp, format: Format, link: Optional link, fallback: fallback string) Date mentions "<!date^timestamp^format^link|fallback>"
  • cssModuleNames: object, name mapping of CSS classes to custom ones
  • noExtraSpanTags: boolean (default: false) Disable the addition of extra span tags on slack-specific parsing