SumUp's React UI component library

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  import sumupCircuitUi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sumup/circuit-ui';



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A React component library designed to help developers build inclusive, performant, and trusted user interfaces.


Depending on your preference, run one of the following in your terminal:

# With yarn
yarn add @sumup/circuit-ui
# With npm
npm install --save @sumup/circuit-ui

@sumup/circuit-ui has a number of required peer dependencies. If your project doesn't have them already, you can install them by running:

# With yarn
yarn add react react-dom @emotion/react @emotion/styled @sumup/design-tokens @sumup/icons @sumup/intl @sumup/collector
# With npm
npm install --save react react-dom @emotion/react @emotion/styled @sumup/design-tokens @sumup/icons @sumup/intl @sumup/collector


Here are a few helpful links for getting started with Circuit UI:

  • Documentation - Learn how to use Circuit UI and view the components in Storybook.
  • Getting started - Set up a new app with Circuit UI or add it to an existing project.
  • Theming - Learn about our foundations such as colors, spacing, and typography.
  • Contribute - File a bug report, suggest a change, or open a pull request.