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Helper and utility functions for Node.js.

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The @supercharge/goodies package provides a handful of useful helper functions for Node.js and JavaScript, like an async tap function.


npm i @supercharge/goodies


Find all the details for @supercharge/goodies in the extensive Supercharge docs.


Using @supercharge/goodies is pretty straightforward. The package exports a handful of methods that you can reach for when requiring the package:

tap(value, callback)

Returns the value after running the callback. The callback receives the value as an argument.

const { tap } = require('@supercharge/goodies')

return tap(await User.find(1), async (user) => {
  await user.subscribeToNewsletter()

// returns the user with ID 1

upon(value, callback)

Returns the result of the callback. The callback receives the value as an argument.

const { upon } = require('@supercharge/goodies')

return upon(await User.find(1), async (user) => {
  return user.email

// user@email.com


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