e2e-nightwatch plugin for svelte-cli

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  import svelCliPluginE2eNightwatch from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@svel/cli-plugin-e2e-nightwatch';



e2e-nightwatch plugin for svelte-cli

Injected Commands

  • svelte-cli-service test:e2e

    run e2e tests with NightwatchJS.


    --url        run e2e tests against given url instead of auto-starting dev server
    --config     use custom nightwatch config file (overrides internals)
    -e, --env    specify comma-delimited browser envs to run in (default: chrome)
    -t, --test   specify a test to run by name
    -f, --filter glob to filter tests by filename

    Note: this plugin currently uses Nightwatch v0.9.x. We are waiting for Nightwatch 1.0 to stabilize before upgrading.

    Additionally, all Nightwatch CLI options are also supported.


We've pre-configured Nightwatch to run with Chrome by default. If you wish to run e2e tests in additional browsers, you will need to add a nightwatch.config.js or nightwatch.json in your project root to configure additional browsers. The config will be merged into the internal Nightwatch config.

Alternatively, you can completely replace the internal config with a custom config file using the --config option.

Consult Nightwatch docs for configuration options and how to setup browser drivers.

Installing in an Already Created Project

vue add @svel/e2e-nightwatch