JavaScript step-counter. Helpful for finding animation values for pure javascript animations.

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  import taystackJsCounter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@taystack/js-counter';



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yarn add @taystack/js-counter


npm i @taystack/js-counter

What is it?

JsCounter is a step-counter written in JavaScript.

What is it for?

JsCounter is helpful for finding animation values for pure JavaScript animations. Pure-css transitions can be used to accomplish most any animation task. Sometimes you cannot rely on pure-css to animate things you need.

Why it was written

During an animation loop, I was given two coordinantes {x1}, {x2}. I needed {x1} to get closer to {x2} at a constant rate. Simple css transition, but there was one catch; {x2} is constantly moving.

"So, what?" you say? Well, css transitions are picky. Once they invoke, you can change the target value, but the rate of change to get there is a function of how much time is left. Css transformations get weird with dynamic end-values.


If I wanted to change the style.position.x property of a DOM item, then I would use this module to track the position of, say, an animal inside an animation loop:

import Counter from "@taystack/js-counter";

class Animal {
  constructor(speed, position = 0) {
    this.speed = speed;
    this.currentPosition = position;
    this.position = new Counter(position, position, {increment: this.speed});

  set target(distance) {

  animate() {
    this.currentPosition = this.position.turn();
    this.style.position.x = this.currentPosition;

I could then create an animation loop tracking the animal's position chasing, say, another Animal. How about a dog chasing a cat?

const dog = new Animal(5);
const cat = new Animal(6, 10); // more speed, further starting position
cat.target = Infinity; // cat is now targeting Infinity (running away)

(function animateDog() {
  dog.target = cat.currentPosition; // dog is targeting the cat's position
  setTimeout(() => {

Now, the dog will constantly be "chasing" the cat by adjusting it's target towards the cat's currentPosition.



const counter = new Couter(Number from, Number to[, Object options])


  • from (Number)

    The value that counter starts at.

  • to (Number)

    The value that counter works towards after each call to counter.turn().

  • options (Object) <optional>

    • increment (Number > 0)

      The value used to calculate the step size of counter.current towards counter.to each time counter.turn() is called.

      Default: 1

      Note: This value should always be positive

      TODO: Make this use Math.abs

    • onDone(value) (Function)

      Function to invoke when counter reaches it's target.

      onDone params

      • value (Number) - counter.value


  • counter.value

    The current value of the counter


  • counter.turn()

    This will advance counter.current towards counter.to

    Returns: counter.value

  • counter.setTarget(Number to[, Number increment=1])

    Updates the target value of counter

    Note: Params are the same as constructor [to, increment] params