TELUS Design System

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TELUS Design System

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The TELUS Design System (TDS) is a set of living guidelines that communicates our brand promise through our digital experiences. It's a holistic platform that integrates documentation, guidelines and design management that serves as single source for digital design guidelines, code patterns and UI elements.

TDS is intended for use by TELUS employees and approved vendors.

TDS Maintainers

The following group are the maintainers of this project, and have merge rights accordingly. Please reach out to them if you have questions or need support for your contribution to the TELUS Design System.

Member Role Slack Github
Alexandra Fedyk Scrum Master @alexandra.fedyk @alexandramfedyk
Ryan Oglesby Developer @roglesby @ryanoglesby08
Enrico Sacchetti Developer @enrico @theetrain
Laura Cabrera Developer @laura.cabrera @lzcabrera
Lucy List Design @lucylist @lucylist
Stephen McGuinness Design @stephenmcg @stephenmcguinness