Superagent backend for `tg-resources`

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import tgResourcesSuperagent from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@tg-resources/superagent';


tg-resources Superagent backend

NPM version


Using NPM

npm i tg-resources @tg-resources/superagent

Or using Yarn

yarn add tg-resources @tg-resources/superagent

Does it work on react native?


Basic Usage

import { Router } from "tg-resources"
import { SuperagentResource } from "@tg-resources/superagent"

const onLoad = result => console.log(result);
const onError = result => console.error(result);

const api = new Router({
    cats: new SuperagentResource('/cats'),
    cat: new SuperagentResource('/cats/${pk}')
}, {
    apiRoot: '/api/v1' // Set api root

// Do a get request to /api/v1/cats?gender=M
api.cats.fetch(null, {gender: 'M'}).then(onLoad, onError);

// Do a head request to /api/v1/cats?gender=M
api.cats.head(null, {gender: 'M'}).then(onLoad, onError);

// Do a post request to /api/v1/cats with data: {name: 'Twinky', gender: 'M'}
api.cats.post(null, {name: 'Twinky', gender: 'M'}).then(onLoad, onError);

// Do a patch request to /api/v1/cats/1 with data: {name: 'Tinkelberg'}
api.cat.patch({pk: 1}, {name: 'Tinkelberg'}).then(onLoad, onError);

// Do a put request to /api/v1/cats with data: {pk: 1, name: 'Twinky'}
api.cats.put(null, {pk: 1, name: 'Twinky', gender: 'M'}).then(onLoad, onError);

// Do a delete request to /api/v1/cats/1 with data: {'free':'yes'}
api.cat.del({pk: 1}, {free: 'yes'}).then(onLoad, onError);

This package is just Resource implementation using superagent. For additional configuration, see Configuration.


MIT © Thorgate