A bit like traceroute, but for green internet. Libraries used in Greentrace

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  import tgwfGreentraceCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@tgwf/greentrace-cli';


Greentrace lib

The standalone library used by the GreenTrace App to show

  • where packets are hoping through the world when you make a request from your machine, based on the Geolite IP Database

  • which hops pass through infrastructure running on green energy, as listed by the Green Web Foundation


As a command line tool

This will run a traceroute, then print to STDOUT a GeoJSON file with coordinates for every IP address, as looked up in the GeoIP database.

npx greentrace --domain=yourdomain.com

Note: it's not fast. I'd welcome pointers on making this run faster, without losing too much info.

As a library

You can also run this as a library in a larger application. You can see this in use in the greentrace electron app, designed plot these hops on a map.

import GreenTrace from "@tgwf/greentrace-lib"

// return a Promise, that resolves to an array
const hops = await GreenTrace.trace(domainName)

// make this into something we can put on a map
const hopsAsgeoJSON = hops.toGeoJSON()


There are two licenses, for the code and data. See the LICENSE file for details.