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  import theReasonableEslintConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@the-reasonable/eslint-config';


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This ESLint shareable config enforces reasonable code style rules for style for JavaScript and TypeScript codebases. Each rule has a reason why it was added (see below).


npm install --save-dev eslint @the-reasonable/eslint-config
yarn add --dev eslint @the-reasonable/eslint-config

Then, in your ESLint config:

  "extends": "@the-reasonable"


There are two rules for the rules:

  1. Every --fixable rule is always an error.
  2. Every rule has a reason why it was added — you can see them in index.js.

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The Reasonable code style

[![The Reasonable code style](https://flat.badgen.net/badge/The%20Reasonable/code%20style/black?labelColor=D6001C)](https://github.com/TheReasonable/eslint-config)
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       alt="The Reasonable code style">


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