A linter for external .fish files

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Simple fish script linter for SublimeLinter

:warning: Not for production use yet...


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npm install --global @thebespokepixel/fishlint

A very simple linter for fish shell scripting and function editing. Designed as a companion component for the Sublime-Linter package.

It's probably worth noting that fish's strength in being an interactive shell eg. a shell primarily designed for interacting with humans, not machines.

There's nothing to be gained using fish scripts where the interaction is going to be other scripts or machines. Fish shines when it's just you and the CLI locked in mortal combat at 2am.

Very much a work in progress… it works ok, but is still ignorant of custom functions and only provides warnings, not errors.


Full documentation can be found at https://markgriffiths.github.io/fishlint/