Development support scripts for Intern projects.

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  import theinternDev from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@theintern/dev';



Support scripts for Intern and its sub-projects

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Include this project in devDependencies in your Intern component's package.json, then add the desired scripts to scripts in package.json. For example:

"scripts": {
  "build": "intern-dev-build",
  "clean": "intern-dev-clean",
  "lint": "intern-dev-lint",
  "release": "intern-dev-release",
  "test": "intenr-dev-clean && intern-dev-build && intern-dev-test",
  "watch": "intern-dev-watch"


Components should generally try to follow the conventions used by this package (standard tslint, sources in src, test config in tests/intern.js, etc.), in which case no configuration is required. However, limited configuration is supported through the internDev property in your project's package.json.

"internDev": {
  // Patterns to ignore
  "ignore": [ "ignore", "glob", "patterns" ],
  "resources": {
    // Arrays of patterns to copy for a build, keyed by destination path
    "_build": [
      { base: "src/stuff", pattern: "to" },
  // Path to custom test config
  "testConfig": "tests/custom.config.js"

Note that all paths and path patterns are relative to the project root.