Collection of Vue.js Form Components

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A Collection of Vue.js Form Components

:abc: Text input (only allows letters)

:1234: Number input (only allows numbers)

:date: Date input (3 inputs split DD/MM/YYYY - only allows valid dates and has optional min/max age validation)

:e-mail: Email input (valid emails only)

:iphone: Phone input (UK mobile or home)

:radio_button: Radio buttons input (fieldset)

:ballot_box_with_check: Checkbox buttons input (fieldset)

:arrow_down_small: Select input

:pound: Currency input


Install the package from npm:

npm install @thinknpm/vue-form-ui --save

Include the components you wish to use

// import form components
import TextInput from '@thinknpm/vue-form-ui/src/components/textinput.vue'
import EmailInput from '@thinknpm/vue-form-ui/src/components/emailinput.vue'

// vue component
export default {
  name: 'Form',
  components: {
      'text-input': TextInput,
      'email-input': EmailInput,
      // lazyload/code split the component
      // components can be grouped using the same 'webpackChunkName'
      'phone-input': () => import(/* webpackChunkName: "code-split-1" */ '@thinknpm/vue-form-ui/src/components/phoneinput.vue')
Add inputs to your template
<text-input inputname="firstName" label="First Name" :required="true" />
<email-input inputname="email" label="Email" :required="true" />
<phone-input inputname="mobile" label="Mobile number" type="mobile" />

All input types have the following props:

These are imported via a Vue mixin: import { basic_props } from '../mixins/basic-props.js'

inputname (string) required

name given to the input

label (string) required

string used to fill question and placerholder text

value (object)

used to prepopulate input value from an object e.g { value: 'prepopulated value' }

required (boolean)

basic validation - is the field required

helpText (string)

string which can be used to display a help message

sectionID (number)

number which is used when you want to validation form sections without triggering inputs in different 'sections'

customErrors (object)

This is not included via mixin because defaults are different for input types

Object containing custom error messages for each rule e.g. { required: 'Please provide your name' }

There is also additional props for some input types:

minLength (string)

components: TextInput, EmailInput, PhoneInput

Set the minimum length of input value

maxLength (string)

components: TextInput, EmailInput, PhoneInput

Set the maximum length of input value

minAge (number)

components: DateInput

Set the minimum age for date validation

maxAge (number)

components: DateInput

Set the maximum age for date validation

type (string)

components: PhoneInput

Set phone input type to either 'mobile' or 'home'

options (array)

components: ButtonsRadio, ButtonsCheckbox, SelectInput

An array of objects used to provide options for the buttons e.g. [{ 'value': true, 'name': 'Yes' }, { 'value': false, 'name': 'No' }]