Redux normalized storage & fetch helper

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  import thorgateSpaEntities from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@thorgate/spa-entities';



Normalized data storage helper.

Basic Usage

import { createFetchAction, createFetchSaga, createSchemaSelector, createDetailSchemaSelector } from '@thorgate/spa-entities';
import { schema } from 'normalizr';

const article = new schema.Entity('articles');

const fetchAction = createFetchAction('fetch/articles');

// Create worker to fetch data
const fetchSaga = createFetchSaga({
    resource: new FetchResource('/articles'),
    // method: 'fetch', // This is the default value
    key: article.key,
    listSchema: [article],

const listSelector = createSchemaSelector(article);
const detailSelector = createDetailSchemaSelector(article);

// Usage with `@thorgate/spa-view-manager`
const initialFetchWorker = fetchSaga.asInitialWorker((match) => fetchAction());

function* fetchArticleWatcher() {
    yield takeLatest(fetchAction.type, fetchSaga);


  • listSchema: (schema.Entity[]): Required: List schema to be used for serialization
  • key: (string|Function): Required: Field name under which key order is stored under
  • resource: (Resource|SagaResource): Resource instance used to fetch data
  • method: (ResourceMethods): Resource method used
  • apiFetchHook: ((action: FetchActionType) => any | Iterator): Custom fetch method. This can be used to customize response or dispatch additional actions.
  • serializeData: ((result: any, listSchema: schema.Entity[]) => {result: any, entities: any} | Iterator<Effect | {result: any, entities: any}>): Custom serializer method. This can be used to customize response or dispatch additional actions.
  • timeoutMs: (number): Timeout after which request is cancelled and error is thrown. Default: 3000

createFetchAction Payload object

  • method: (ResourceMethods): Optional override to change <resource> method used.
  • kwargs: (Object): Optionally URL kwargs to pass to <resource>.<method>
  • query: (Object): Optionally URL Query parameters to pass to <resource>.<method>
  • data: (Object): Optionally POST like data to pass to <resource>.<method>
  • callback: (Function): Function to call when fetch saga finishes