A lookup utility for CSS3 properties in JavaScript

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<script type="module">
  import toolzCss3 from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@toolz/css3';



css3 is a lookup utility for CSS3 properties to be used when writing inline styles in JavaScript. It's a simple object that contains most of the commonly-used options for most of the CSS3 properties.


After installation, import the utility as follows:

import { css3 } from '@toolz/css3';

The css3 variable will now be available within your code, and the structure of the object should provide for easier code completions in your IDE.


export const Foo = () => {
   return <>
      <div style={{
         cursor: css3.cursor.crosshair,
         // every time you type one of the periods on the line above,
         // your IDE should show you all of the options that are 
         // available - first in the css3 object, and then in the 
         // css3.cursor object
         Here is the div