A custom Hook that provides constructor-like functionality to functional React components

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  import toolzUseConstructor from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@toolz/use-constructor';



use-constructor is a custom Hook that provides constructor-like functionality to functional React components. Functional components are not classes. As such, they have no true equivalent to a constructor.

useEffect() is typically touted as the replacement for all lifecycle methods. But useEffect() always fires after the component has rendered. Any code block that is called directly within the body of a functional component will fire every time that component is called (which can happen many successive times during React's reconciliation process).

By leveraging a simple ref variable, we can fire a code block before the component renders and ensure that it's only ever fired once for the life of the component.


After installation, import the package as follows:

import { useConstructor } from '@toolz/use-constructor';



const API = {
   arguments: {
      callBack: {
         format: Function,
   returns: void


const SomeComponent = () => {
   useConstructor(() => {
         This code runs once, and only once, for the lifecycle of 
         this component.  This code also runs before the render 
   return <>Some JSX</>

Since this is a type of "faux-constructor" functionality, there is no magic that ensures the logic inside useConstructor() will run before anything else happens in your functional component. So it's perfectly possible to process other logic before you call useConstructor(). If you want it to act as a "true" constructor, you would need to ensure that it's called at the very top of the functional component.