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<script type="module">
  import trycourierReactInbox from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@trycourier/react-inbox';


What is Inbox?

Inbox is a react component that you can add to your application show your users a list of recent messages they have received over a push channel.

Upcoming Features:

  • Browser Web Push
  • Presence

How does @trycourier/react-inbox work?

The react inbox requires a backend to pull messages. This is all done through the CourierProvider and requires an account at Courier. To set up Courier Inbox you will need to install Courier from the integrations page. Courier Push integration After installing the integration you will be provided with a Client Key


As of right now, we will fetch all messages sent to any push channel and display them in the inbox.

Client Install

yarn add @trycourier/react-inbox

Courier Provider

In order for the Inbox component to be placed in the dom you will need to use the CourierProvider. This will handle context and give us access Courier's backend API.

Check here for more information on this concept.

import { Inbox, CourierProvider } from "@trycourier/react-inbox";

alternatively you can access from its own package
import { CourierProvider } from "@trycourier/react-provider";

function App() {
  return (
    <CourierProvider userId={yourUserId} clientKey={yourClientKey}>
      <Inbox />


interface InboxProps = {
  //Brand Override
  brand?: Brand;

  //Icon Class Name
  className?: string;

  // Default Icon to use if no Icon is present in Message
  defaultIcon?: false | string;

  // Placement of the Bell relative to the Inbox
  placement?: "top" | "left" | "right" | "bottom";

  // Render Props for Custom Rendering
  renderBell?: React.FunctionComponent<{
    className?: string;
    isOpen?: boolean;
    onClick?: (event: React.MouseEvent) => void;
    onMouseEnter?: (event: React.MouseEvent) => void;
  renderFooter?: React.FunctionComponent;
  renderHeader?: React.FunctionComponent;
  renderIcon?: React.FunctionComponent<{
    hasUnreadMessages: boolean;
  renderMessage?: React.FunctionComponent;

  // Tab Overrides
  tabs?: Array<ITab>;
  theme?: ThemeObject;

  // Inbox Title Override
  title?: string;
  trigger?: "click" | "hover";


interface ITheme {
  footer?: React.CSSProperties;
  header?: React.CSSProperties;
  icon?: React.CSSProperties;
  container?: React.CSSProperties;
  messageList?: {
    container?: React.CSSProperties;
    message?: {
      actions?: {
        container?: React.CSSProperties;
        details?: React.CSSProperties;
        dismiss?: React.CSSProperties;
      body?: React.CSSProperties;
      container?: React.CSSProperties;
      icon?: React.CSSProperties;
      title?: React.CSSProperties;
      unreadIndicator?: React.CSSProperties;
  tabList?: {
    container?: React.CSSProperties;
    tab?: React.CSSProperties;
  root?: React.CSSProperties;