TypeScript library for Bitcoin SV (BSV).

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TS Bitcoin

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TypeScript library for Bitcoin SV (BSV).


npm install @ts-bitcoin/core


import { Address, Bn, KeyPair, PrivKey, TxBuilder, TxOut, deps } from '@ts-bitcoin/core'

// make change address
const privKey1 = PrivKey.fromRandom()
const keyPair1 = KeyPair.fromPrivKey(privKey1)
const addr1 = Address.fromPubKey(keyPair1.pubKey)

// make address to send from
const privKey2 = PrivKey.fromBn(new Bn(1))
const keyPair2 = KeyPair.fromPrivKey(privKey2)
const addr2 = Address.fromPubKey(keyPair2.pubKey)

const txOut = TxOut.fromProperties(new Bn(2e8), addr2.toTxOutScript())
const txHashBuf = deps.Buffer.alloc(32).fill(0)

// make address to send to
const privKey3 = PrivKey.fromBn(new Bn(2))
const keyPair3 = KeyPair.fromPrivKey(privKey3)
const addr3 = Address.fromPubKey(keyPair3.pubKey)

const tx = new TxBuilder()
  .inputFromPubKeyHash(txHashBuf, 0, txOut, keyPair2.pubKey)
  .outputToAddress(new Bn(1e8), addr3)

const raw = tx.toHex()


TS-Bitcoin is a TypeScript library for Bitcoin SV (BSV). It's a fork of bsv v2 which intended to satisfy certain goals:

  1. Support ease-of-use by being internally consistent. It should not be necessary to read the source code of a class or function to know how to use it. Once you know how to use part of the library, the other parts should feel natural.

  2. Have 100% test coverage, or nearly so, so that the library is known to be reliable. This should include running standard test vectors from the reference implementation.

  3. Library objects have an interface suitable for use with a command-line interface or other libraries and tools, in particular having toString, fromString, toJSON, fromJSON, toBuffer, fromBuffer, toHex, fromHex methods.

  4. All standard features of the blockchain are implemented (or will be) and saved in src/. All BIPs are correctly implemented and, where appropriate, saved as bip-xx.ts in src/ (since that is their standard name). In order to allow rapid development, Yours Bitcoin includes non-standard and experimental features. Any non-standard features (such as colored coins or stealth addresses) are labeled as such in index.ts as well as in comments.

  5. Expose everything, including dependencies. This makes it possible to develop apps that require fine-grained control over the basics, such as big numbers and points. However, it also means that you can hurt yourself if you misuse these primitives.

  6. Use standard javascript conventions wherever possible so that other developers find the code easy to understand.

  7. Minimize the use of dependencies so that all code can be easily audited.

  8. All instance methods modify the state of the object and return the object, unless there is a good reason to do something different. To access the result of an instance method, you must access the object property(s) that it modifies.

  9. Support web workers to unblock web wallet UIs when performing cryptography.

Environment Variables

  • NETWORK - Default "mainnet"

Contribution and License Agreement

If you contribute code to this project, you are implicitly allowing your code to be distributed under the MIT license. You are also implicitly verifying that all code is your original work. </legalese>