a bi-directional router for ReasonReact

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  import tsnobipIsotrope from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@tsnobip/isotrope';



Isotrope is a very basic experiment of a safe bi-directional router in ReasonReact thanks to @anuragsoni/routes awesome routing lib.

Define your routes once and use them both ways.


yarn add @tsnobip/isotrope @anuragsoni/routes

And add @tsnobip/isotrope and @anuragsoni/routes to the bs-dependencies of bsconfig.json.


You can refer to the example folder for a working example.

Start with defining your route patterns (more info in @anuragsoni/routes docs), for example in Targets.re:

open! Routes;
let root = () => empty;
let users = () => s("users") /? nil;
let greeting = () => s("greeting") / str / str /? nil;

Then create the router by connecting a function to each route pattern:

module MyRoutes = {
  open Routes;
  let rootRoute = () => Targets.root() @--> <Users />;
  let usersRoute = () => Targets.users() @--> <Users />;
  let greetingRoute = () =>
    Targets.greeting() @--> ((name, greeting) => <Greeting name greeting />);

  let routes = one_of([rootRoute(), usersRoute(), greetingRoute()]);

You can then use your router this way:

let target = Isotrope.Hooks.useUrl();
switch (Routes.match'(MyRoutes.routes, ~target)) {
| Some(element) => element
| None => <NotFound />

You can also safely generate a url like this:

open Isotrope;
<Link route={Routes.sprintf(Targets.greeting(), "World", "Hello")}>

Remaining tasks

  • add support for hashes and query parameters
  • [ ] better integration of @anurasgoni/Routes