turf angle module

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  import turfAngle from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@turf/angle';




Finds the angle formed by two adjacent segments defined by 3 points. The result will be the (positive clockwise) angle with origin on the startPoint-midPoint segment, or its explementary angle if required.


  • startPoint Coord Start Point Coordinates
  • midPoint Coord Mid Point Coordinates
  • endPoint Coord End Point Coordinates
  • options Object Optional parameters (optional, default {})
    • options.explementary boolean Returns the explementary angle instead (360 - angle) (optional, default false)
    • options.mercator boolean if calculations should be performed over Mercator or WGS84 projection (optional, default false)


turf.angle([5, 5], [5, 6], [3, 4]);

Returns number Angle between the provided points, or its explementary.

This module is part of the Turfjs project, an open source module collection dedicated to geographic algorithms. It is maintained in the Turfjs/turf repository, where you can create PRs and issues.


Install this module individually:

$ npm install @turf/angle

Or install the Turf module that includes it as a function:

$ npm install @turf/turf