Reactive extensions for UI-Router

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Reactive Extensions (RxJS) for UI-Router


This UI-Router plugin exposes various events in UI-Router as RxJS Observables.

  • Transitions (successfull, or any)
  • Parameter values
  • State registration/deregistrations

This helps you to use UI-Router in a reactive mode.

This plugin works with UI-Router Core 2.0 and above (angular-ui-router 1.0.0-rc.1+, ui-router-ng2 1.0.0-beta.4+, ui-router-react 0.4.0+).


npm install @uirouter/rx


This is a UI-Router Plugin. Add the UIRouterRx plugin to your app's UIRouter instance.

import { UIRouterRx } from "@uirouter/rx";

// ... after UI-Router bootstrap, get a reference to the `UIRouter` instance
// ... call `.plugin()` to register the ui-router-rx plugin


In a state definition,

const foo$ = (uiRouter) => 
    uiRouter.globals.params$.map(params => params.fooId)
      .map(fooId => fetch('/foo/' + fooId).then(resp => resp.json()))

var fooState = {
  name: 'foo',
  url: '/foo/{fooId}',
  component: FooComponent,
  resolve: [ 
      { token: 'foo

, deps: [ UIRouter ], resolveFn: foo$ } 

In the component, access the foo$ resolve value (it will be an Observable). Subscribe to it and do something with it when it emits a new value.

var subscription = foo$.subscribe(foo => this.foo = foo);

Don't forget to unsubscribe when the component is destroyed.