ESLint rules for JavaScript at Updater

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  import updaterEslintPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@updater/eslint-plugin';


JavaScript code style and code quality at Updater

This plugin is used to establish both code style and code quality practices for writing JavaScript at Updater. As a plugin, evolution and governance of code style is encouraged. These rules are not written in stone as they say.

Through the use of configs, this plugin can service custom implementations across teams.


You'll first need to install ESLint:

$ yarn add --dev eslint

Next, install this plugin:

$ yarn add --dev @updater/eslint-plugin

The services configuration requires Prettier, which is specified in the peerDependencies of the package.json file. Since peerDependencies will only give a warning to the user, this should also be installed in the host code repo if you are using the services config.


Extend the plugin in your .eslintrc configuration file

  "extends": "plugin:@updater/eslint-plugin/services"


The rules here are meant to change. Please issue a PR for any rule changes and they will considered, debated, and ratified among the teams it might affect. We aim to make this a painless and iterative process.


This lib is currently not integrated into CI. To publish, increment the version in package.json and run the following

$ npm publish